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There are moments when you notice that some people should not be allowed to leave the house unattended. Or play with matches.

Sometimes you learn that most of the Romanian bloggers are utter shit, spewing their usual venom on their 2014 Wordpress blogs with their Profitshare scripts, Google Analytics ads and ancient teachings about the future of this country. Fact check: There is no future for this country. Not with those people.

Sometimes you teach someone that stealing is bad, regardless if done by a random person on the Internet, a member of the Parliament or the President. And regardless if it's about a car, your wallet or a Wordpress theme. Still a thief.

And sometimes you behave like a man and when someone calls you're a thieving liar, you don't reply by calling his mother a bitch. Or his dog. Or his wife. Because you're supposed to be a man and act like one. But then again, you're not. A man. A bitch yes, you are. You know who you are and what you are.

Today was one of those moments.

The sad part is that those people vote. Have a nice day and remember: if everyone around you acts like an idiot, maybe you need to change the air.

Oh, and Andrei, we can't be even now. Getting even means that I will grow a hipster beard, wear a stupid hat, work at Flanco and get rid of my testicles. Drinking latte and raising the pinky finger when drinking beer. Pretending to be reading books on the subway. Oh, and get a shitload of retarded friends. Unfortunately for you, we can't get even. But don't worry, you're odd. Not even. Got it? Probably not.

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Interesting stuff on newest Romanian IT project GitHub account:

This commit has the database connection authentication data (user/password) in clear. It doesn't matter if it is a development or a production database, credentials should never be exposed this way.

spring.datasource.url = jdbc:mysql://
# Username and password
spring.datasource.username = stopcozi
spring.datasource.password = StopCozi1234!@
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By now, you already read my last article about the whole story with their stolen theme. Well, since I've seen many of the people involved in the project (and its owner, Andrei Cismaru) denying anything strange happened with the theme or even implying I've had some dark and shady reasons for exposing them as the fraud they are, I decided to check today if anything changed. And guess what.

Archived version of the site is here (archived on July 29, 2016, as can be seen from the URL) so, obviously, the archived version of the main CSS file for the theme is here. Nothing fishy here, right?

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Desperation is like stealing from the Mafia: you stand a good chance of attracting the wrong attention. - Douglas Horton

The story

When you think Romanian bloggers can't sink any lower ... they sure can. Here is their latest endeavor: the Hai la vot! website with the interesting domain

But the real interesting thing is not the name or the site or even the slogan: it's the fact that they're using a "nulled and stolen" theme called JustFit by MyThemeShop. Unfortunately for the site creators, Fabrica De Social Media (no website for them, I wonder why), the people that put the original theme for download on the Themekiller website added some code to the footer of the theme that links back to the website, as you ca see in the image below (the highlighted code). In case they remove the code from the page, you can always check the version from the Web Archive (view the source of the page, scroll to bottom), since it's more permanent than a Google Cache.

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Few days ago I decided to gather some data from the Wordpress installations of the most influential bloggers and politicians from Romania. For now I have info about 70 blogs, I’ll keep updating this as I get more data; the current snapshot was taken today, May 1st, 2016. The results are grim, very grim.

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